The song of “Me, Elvis Riboldi” (2013)

Tuning of the song “Me, Elvis Riboldi” announced in the fourth installment of the series

The Balta’s Company “The Aladelts”

THE BALTA’S COMPANY (Editorial SM / Cruïlla 2013) Collection written under the pseudonym  Bono

Performances at Pub Lunatic in Barcelona

Bunch of photos of Daniel Cerdà at the Pub Lunatic of Barcelona.

Performances at Sala Versalles in BCN

Performances of Daniel Cerdà at the “Acústics” cicle programmed at Sala Versalles in Bar

Poster for the show at “Sala Versalles”

Promotional Poster for the”Acústic” performances  at the Sala Versailles  of Sant Andreu

Teaser from the musical performance at the Centre Cívic “Can Castelló”

Poster and teaser with the performance repertoire of Daniel Cerdà & Raul Costafreda in the Centr

Elvis Riboldi, a great little destroyer (50×7.com 2013)

Article written by journalist Monica Rojo Mateu   in the digital journal 50×7.com. … R

Histoire d’amour et de perte (Daniel Cerdà & Raúl Costafreda)

Daniel Cerdà’s colaboration with Wesak in the Theatre Cal Ninyo at Sant Boi. The song “H

Performance at Can Castelló

Performance at Can Castelló with Raúl Costafreda

Musica’t: Catalan songwriters at Centre Cívic Can Castelló (Folletó Hivern 2013)

Catalan singers Saturday 19 January 2013 at 18 hours. By Daniel Cerda and Raul Costafreda. We’ll tak

Los puppets llegan a Canal Extremadura TV con ‘Los Chibilindros’ (Fórmula TV 2008)

La televisión autonómica cambia así el horario de los espacios dedicados a los más pequeños (de lune

Hachette France buys the Publishing rights to part of the collection ‘Elvis Riboldi’ (Europa Press 2012)

(Europa Press, 20 de Diciembre de 2012) Hachette France from 2013 will publish the first four titles

Me, Elvis Riboldi and Boris the gifted by Bono Bidari (Letras en vena 2012)

Article in the magazine “Letras en vena” about the latest installment of the graphic novel collectio

Me, Elvis Riboldi: The best book for Christmas (Fashionfanaticos 2012)

The Fashionfanáticos magazine recommends in his article,  the  books from the Elvis Riboldi collecti

Performance with “Wesak”

Performance with the world music grup  “Wesak” in the Auditorio of Sant Boi.

Performance in the Butyclan Pub

Performance in the Butyclan Pub in  Travessera de Les Corts street.

Performance with Chandra Naraine

Performance of “Poemas de Saturno” in Barcelona

Show in the Pipiolo Pub

Performance in the Pipiolo Pub  last month of March.

Barçakids educational short film “Qui te valors guanya”

Short film excerpt “Qui te valors guanya” from the project “Barçakids” and p

La Fundación presenta el nuevo proyecto de fomento de valores ‘Barçakids’ (Fundación FC Barcelona 2012)

La Fundación presenta el nuevo proyecto de fomento de valores ‘Barçakids’ Proyecto en el